Principal Purpose

The principal purpose of Wombats SA / the Society is the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. We aim to promote and raise public awareness of the value of conserving the native Australian flora and fauna through the maintenance and re-establishment of natural ecosystems and wiser land use.

Specific Objectives

  • To actively promote by example the protection and preservation of the native flora and fauna of Australia as entire ecosystems in their indigenous habitats.
  • To promote the collection and dissemination of scientific knowledge about the natural environment.
  • To record and maintain the Australian natural heritage.
  •  To promote the establishment of wilderness reserves, national parks and wildlife reserves.
  • To promote and develop public demand for ecologically sustainable use of the environment.
  • To promote scientific research into matters pertaining to the conservation, protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat.
  • To enter into trust or contractual arrangements for the purpose of obtaining, holding, administering and disposing of funds or other assets, both real and personal, which will be used for the benefit of other objects or purposes of the Society.
  • The Society shall operate on a strictly not for profit basis.