The Management Committee manages and coordinates the activities of Wombats SA.

The Management Committee consists of up to ten elected members, with four of these members filling the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All terms of office are for one year. Committee members normally serve no more than five consecutive terms, but may re-nominate if there is a vacancy remaining following the official nomination process. Any Full financial member is eligible to be nominated and elected to the Management Committee. Elections are conducted at each Annual General Meeting.

In addition to the Management Committee, we have a number of Working Groups which focus on different activity areas. Working Groups are informal and flexible and are created and disbanded as the work program evolves. Working Groups may include any members or non-members as required. These groups are a great way to get involved in a practical way with Wombat SA’s activities. Click here to find out more about  Working Groups and how you can get involved!

2017 Wombats SA Management Committee

  • Michael Brindley
  • Dr Peter Clements – President
  • Karen Collins – Treasurer
  • Penny Harper – Secretary
  • Adrian Jones
  • Peter Jones
  • Kevin Stead
  • Dr Gary Taylor – Vice President
  • Glen Taylor – Head Ranger
  • Ray Wallis