The Alwin Clements Prize in Natural History is an annual research prize established by Peter Clements in memory of his father Alwin Clements. Alwin was a passionate preservationist of South Australian flora and fauna and long standing Fellow of the Natural History Society of South Australia. The prize fund has been established by Peter Clements and is managed by the University of Adelaide.


The value of the Prize will be $1,000 value per year, or such other amount as the University shall from time to time determine.

The prize will be awarded annually by the University of Adelaide, to a student of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences undertaking Honours or Masters research studies directly related to the conservation, preservation or ecology of Australian native flora or fauna. To be considered, the research project should include a field work component. Nominations from students enrolled through other Schools in the Faculty of Sciences may also be considered at the discretion of the selection committee if the research can be demonstrated to align strongly with the criteria.

Selection of Candidate
The School postgraduate committee will award the prize to the student who best demonstrates the contribution of their research to the conservation of Australian wildlife.

If there is no candidate of sufficient merit in a given year then the prize will not be awarded in that year and the money will be used in subsequent years. Multiple prizes may be given in those subsequent years if funds allow.

If there is more than one candidate of equal merit, then the prize shall be shared.

The University may vary the rules from time to time in a manner consistent with the original objectives of the prize.

Call for Nominations
Click this link to download the application form:
Alwin Clements Prize in Natural History Nomination Form 

Donations/contributions to this Fund 
The Alwin Clements Prize in Natural History fund is also open to accept further donations and multiple prizes may be offered if the fund is sufficiently supported. Donations may be made on the Make an Impact form – please nominate the “Alwin Clements Natural History Prize” fund under the “Other” category as the recipient.

Further Information 
Anyone wishing further information on applying for this prize or donating to the Alwin Clements Prize in Natural History, please contact Dr Peter Clements.

Congratulations to the Prize Winners


Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat at Moorunde. Photo by Alwin Clements

Alwin Clements with Edna Herring (South Australian Photographic Federation) and Berna Clements, visiting Moorunde in the early 1970s.

Alwin Clements with Edna Herring (South Australian Photographic Federation) and
Berna Clements, visiting Moorunde in the early 1970s.