The books listed below are just a selection of the many books available on topics relating the the interests and activities of the Society. If you are interested in any of them, you should be able to find these books at a local South Australian library through the Libraries of SA Network or from an online book store.

Scroll down for books on the following…

  • South Australian Natural History and Environmental Issues
  • Australian Natural History and Environmental Issues
  • Books about Wombats
  • Children’s Books about Wombats


South Australian Natural History and Environmental Issues

native-eucalypts-of-sa Native Eucalypts of South Australia
By Dean Nicolle
weeds-of-the-southeast Weeds of the South-East: an Identification Guide for Australia
By F. J. Richardson, R. G. Richardson and R. C. H. Shepherd
mistletoes-of-southern-australia Mistletoes of Southern Australia
By David M. Watson
mallee-in-flower The Mallee in Flower
By I. R. McCann
2010 (Reprint)
camponotus-ants-of-south-australia A guide to Camponotus ants of South Australia
By Archie McArthur
mangroves-to-mallee Mangroves to Mallee: a Complete Guide to the Vegetation of Temperate South Australia
By Todd Berkinshaw
native-trees-and-shrubs-of-se-australia Native Trees and Shrubs of South-Eastern Australia Covering Areas of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia
By Leon Costermans
grasses-of-south-australia Grasses of South Australia: an illustrated guide to the native and naturalised species
By John Jessop, Gilbert R.M. Dashorst and Fiona M. James
remote-lonely-place A Remote and Lonely Place: voices in a mallee household
By Jenny Wightman
mallee-country-wildlife Mallee Country Wildlife: the Nature of the Lower Murray-Darling basin
By Sid Cowling
ants-southern-australia The Ants of Southern Australia: a Guide to the Bassian Fauna
By Alan Anderson
making-of-the-south-australian-landscape The Making of the South Australian Landscape: a Study in the Historical Geography of Australia
By Michael Williams

Australian Natural History and Environmental Issues

land-of-sweeping-plains Land of Sweeping Plains: Managing and restoring the native grasslands of south-eastern Australia
By Nicholas SG Williams, Adrian Marshall, John W Morgan
dark-emu Dark Emu
Black Seeds: agriculture or accident?
By Bruce Pascoe
australias-war-against-rabbits Australia’s War Against Rabbits: The Story of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease
By Brian Douglas Cooke
first-footprints First Footprints: The Epic Story of the First Australians
By Scott Cane
linking-australias-landscapes Linking Australia’s Landscapes: Lessons and Opportunities from Large-scale Conservation Networks
By James Fitzsimons, Ian Pulsford and Geoff Wescott
australias-fossil-heritage Australia’s Fossil Heritage: A Catalogue of Important Australian Fossil Sites
By The Australian Heritage Council
biggest-estate-on-earth The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines made Australia
By Bill Gammage
birds-of-australia The Complete Guide to Finding the Birds of Australia
By Richard Thomas, Sarah Thomas, David Andrew and Alan McBride
tooth-and-nail Tooth & Nail: The Story of the Rabbit in Australia
By Brian Coman
2010 (Second Edition)
mammals-of-australia The Mammals of Australia
Edited by Steve Van Dyck and Ronald Strahan
2006 (Third Edition)
tracks-scat-and-other-traces Tracks, Scats and Other Traces: A Field Guide to Australian Mammals
By Barbara Triggs
managing-conserving-grassy-woodlands Managing and Conserving Grassy Woodlands
Edited by S. McIntyre, J. G. McIvor and K. M. Heard
running-down Running Down: Water in a Changing Land
By Mary E. White
listen-our-land-is-crying Listen…Our Land is Crying: Australia’s Environment: Problems and Solutions
By Mary E. White
after-the-greening After the Greening: the Browning of Australia
By Mary E. White
taming-the-great-south-land Taming the Great South Land: a History of the Conquest of Nature in Australia
By William Lines

Books about Wombats

wombats-trigg Wombats
By Barbara Triggs
2009 (Second Edition)
secret-life-of-wombats The Secret Life Of Wombats
By James Woodford
wombats-wells-pridmore Wombats
Edited by R.T. Wells & P.A. Pridmore
Based on proceedings from a 1994 conference held in Adelaide
wombats-petrie Wombats (Nocturnal Animals)
By Kristin Petrie

Children’s Books about Wombats

The Wombania website has reviews on these and many more children’s books. Besides the books listed below, children’s book authors Jackie French and Charles Fuge have written numerous other wombat books in related series.

the-hairy-nosed-wombats-find-a-new-home The Hairy Nosed-Wombats Find a New Home
By Jackie French
one-very-tired-wombat One Very Tired Wombat
By Renee Treml
itchy-nose-hairy-butt Itchy Nose Hairy Butt
By Elizabeth Frankel
muddleheaded-wombat The Muddleheaded Wombat
By Ruth Park
2010 (Four story edition)
a-wombats-world A Wombat’s World
By Caroline Arnold
the-adventures-of-little-wombat The Adventures of Little Wombat
By Charles Fuge
One of a number of books about Little Wombat.
diary-of-a-wombat Diary of a Wombat
By Jackie French
One of a number of books in this great series.
wombat-stew Wombat Stew
By Marcia Vaughan
harry-the-hairy-nosed-wombat Harry the Hairy-Nosed Wombat
By Jill Morris
wombat Wombat
By Jean Chapman