Wombats SA, the Natural History Society of South Australia, manages and maintains five sanctuary reserves through volunteer effort. Four of these reserves (Moorunde, Nardoo, Lake Short and Malurus Reserves) are clustered together in the Western Mid-Murray Plains between Swan Reach and Blanchetown, about 100km northeast of Adelaide. This is a dry semi-arid region, which, prior to land clearing, was dominated by vast areas of mallee gums – some of which remain, but much of which is regrowth. It is home to a wide variety of native plants and animals well adapted to the hot, dry conditions, including  Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons).

Collectively, our four northern properties cover more than 7,000 hectares and are home to one of the world’s largest populations of Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats on a private propertyOur properties, together with Brookfield Conservation Park to the north, Yookamurra Sanctuary to the south and numerous smaller private heritage-protected properties, form an extension protection zone for the native plants and animals of this wonderfully unique and diverse region.

We also manage Cullen Reserve, a  sanctuary property near Robe on the limestone coast, about 300km southeast of Adelaide. This area of South Australia is cooler than the harsh dry northern, central and western regions of the state. Numerous native plants and animals not found in the dryer regions inhabit this area including the Bare-nosed Wombat (Vombatus ursinus).

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