Numerous  projects and activities are under way at Moorunde and the other mallee sanctuaries. Look under the Projects menu above for more details on some of these activities.

Research projects are undertaken by both Wombats SA / Society members and external researchers. Some current research projects being undertaken by external researchers are:

  • Exploring Wombat Health and Chronic Stress
  • Wombat Diet Reconstruction using DNA analysis of scat samples
  • Nectar Yields of Mallee Eucalyptus – a food source for pygmy possums
  • Marginal to Mainstream: Site Management Plan – Protecting and managing grassy ecosystems through management
  • Motion sensor cameras – to compare video and still imagery (over 25 sites) as tools to try and determine occupancy rates of warrens, so we can extrapolate to estimate abundance and condition

Research projects with a focus on improved understanding of our native flora and fauna for protection and preservation are always welcome. Please contact us if you have a specific research proposal or would like more information relating to a possible research project.