Visitor & Volunteer Weekends are a regular event held on the second weekend of every month (except for May because of Mother’s Day!) at the Moorunde Wildlife Reserve. We also hold two Visitor & Volunteer Weekends each year at Cullen Reserve near Robe. Please see our Calendar for specific dates of upcoming Visitor & Volunteer Weekends.

Visitor & Volunteer Weekends are an opportunity for visitors and volunteers (members or non-members alike) to see what is happening on the reserves and to get involved with their care.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to simply come along, to see and experience the natural beauty of these places. Why not come along, meet some of our members and learn more about our projects.

Volunteers are always appreciated. It’s a great way to learn more about the natural history of our reserves while contributing to the preservation of our unique flora and fauna. This is your chance to get your hands dirty and help us look after a bit of South Australia! Lots of jobs to suit everyone young and old. No experience required; just an enjoyment of being out in the bush and a willingness to help look after our natural history. Here are some more photos from Visitor & Volunteer Weekends on Facebook.


Removing an old fence and installing a new one at a Visitor & Volunteer Weekend

Come for one day over the weekend – You need to be armed with their own lunch/snacks, water, chair (?), waterproof (?), sun lotion, bug spray/fly net and leather gloves as well as your own latest fashion in “working clothes”. Wire cutters, spade, and/or secateurs may prove useful depending on the job at hand and you may find a compass and/or GPS handy, especially if we’re doing a survey. Oh – you will want your camera!

Come for the weekend – In addition to the suggestions above, come completely BYO for food/drinks/chair/cooking/light. There’s no problem finding a place to pitch your tent; there’s a toilet and some rainwater tanks (not treated). There’s even a shower shed with a stall where you can hang your own camping solar shower bag (wonderful in the summer, but you have to be very brave in cold weather).

There is a static caravan on site that may be available, but you need to check first because it is popular (see Glen Taylor’s contact details below). Come prepared to pitch your tent just in case, but you might well be able to just throw your sleeping bag and gear into the caravan. It has a double bedroom at one end and two single beds in the other with a little space for a kitchen – I must confirm whether it is kitted with fuel and things, so you will still want your own cook stove.

We do have a camp fire space too with loads of dry wood already gathered, so you could cook on that. In the winter we usually end up all around the camp fire with hot feet and cold bums.

Please let us know you are coming! We can give you more details, plan what you can do when you arrive and arrange to get you through the gate; also Volunteer Days may be cancelled or deferred for various reasons (e.g. heat, flooding, etc). Please contact Glen Taylor before attending a Volunteer Day or email

Glen Taylor – 8298 2441
(or on 0438 682 440, if it is after Friday morning of that week’s event).

IMPORTANT: Our volunteers are asked to please download the Volunteer Registration Form (Word DOC or PDF format) – this keeps OH&S happy. After downloading the file, open it in your usual PDF reader program. This can then be filled out, saved and returned online prior to your visit to the Reserves. Don’t worry if you miss this, a paper copy will be available when you get there.

The Society also has a very interesting reserve, Cullen Reserve, near Robe and there are two V&V weekends there each year. Please see our Calendar for these dates.

Download the Moorunde Wildlife Reserve Location Map for directions to the reserve and main gate.


You never know what you’ll find while weeding at Moorunde on a Visitor & Volunteer Weekend!